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For ever greener campuses!

Eco-campus is an approach aimed at continuously improving the environmental performance of institutions and campuses in Toulouse. Initially, it focuses mainly on the pilot sites of the Rangueil campus and the future university sector of Montaudran Aerospace. If you want to propose a project or implement sustainable development initiatives on your campuses, it’s now possible!

Participate in the Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees Eco-campus sustainable development competition and you may win a prize to finance your project!

These projects aim at carrying out concrete actions on campuses and research sites, actions which can be implemented quickly, replicated and maintained in the long term.

Key themes that projects can draw inspiration from include:

  • improving social cohesion, diversity, accessibility and solidarity on campus;
  • developing responsible consumption;
  • saving natural resources;
  • fighting against food wastage;
  • raising awareness and acting on waste reduction;
  • acting on ecomobility.

The projects are evaluated according to the selection criteria that relate to the technical and financial feasibility of the project, its sustainability, originality, relevance, its integration into the campus and finally its transferability to other university sites. These criteria must be respected and justified in the dossier given to the jury. The jury is composed of funding partners: UFTMP - Caisse des dépôts - Occitanie Region - CROUS Toulouse Occitanie and CASDEN.
The award-winning projects must be inspiring and original in the sense that their purpose, organisation and approach can lead to behaviour change towards greater sustainability for the entire university community.

The competition takes place between January and April of the academic year. The award ceremony takes place during the European Week of Sustainable Development, in June of each year.