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English and other languages classes

The Université fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées offers English and other foreign languages evening or intensive classes to students and PhD students. Several options are available depending on what your needs are.

Do you want to apply? Follow the steps!

Covid-19 information
Until the end of 2021 our language classes will be held remotely. Nevertheless, circumstances may enable in-person classes during this period.

English evening and intensive classes

English evening classes include a session of 25 hours. A class takes place two evenings a week from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M. A group is composed of 15-20 participants.

The time schedule of the course depends on teacher’s availability as well as on the vacancy of the facilities.

English intensive classes are organised in one session of 25 hours during one week. A group is composed of 15-20 participants. The time schedule is fixed on the first day of class.

Two sessions are available: during autumn academic holidays (02/11/21 – 05/11/21) and winter academic holidays (28/02/22 – 04/03/22).

How to apply for the evening and intensive classes?

Apply for an evening or intensive course of English or other foreign language on Toul'Box.

If you are a PhD Student, "École des Docteurs" may pay for your course. Register on ADUM.

Steps of application

  • After your payment is received, an access code to the ELAO test will be sent to you by e-mail. Take the test!
  • Choose a module corresponding to your level. Submit your choice!
  • Stay tuned and patient. You will be informed of class opening by e-mail.
  • A final certificate will be delivered to each participant

At the end of the course, you may be delivered 3 ECTS credits under conditions and approval of your host institution.

For more information, contact lve@univ-toulouse.fr

Other languages: collective evening courses

Collective evening courses for other languages (Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Norwegian, Indonesian, Chinese, Japonese, Portuguese) are delivered for absolute beginners.

German courses are delivered in partnership with Goethe Institut.

Pre-registration: lve@univ-toulouse.fr

Effective registration and payment will take place when a sufficient number of applicants will enable us to open a class.

Remote collective evening courses

Remote classes are dedicated to students, PhD/Postdoctoral students, researchers, teachers-researchers and administrative staff enrolled or working in one of the ten regional campuses located outside the city of Toulouse.

An evening course includes a session of 25h. It takes place two evenings a week from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M. The group is composed of 12-15 participants.

The time schedule is not fixed in advance, but when we start to organise the course and according to the teacher’s availability.

Student and PhD students: 100€/25h

Apply via Toul’Box (Université fédérale website)

Postdoctoral students, researchers, teachers-researchers and administrative staff: 150€/25h

Apply via Toul’Box (Université fédérale website)