Changing courses or returning to education

At any time during your studies, you may decide to change courses, stop studying or return to education. To help you make these decisions, the institutions offer a range of schemes and resources.

Changing courses

  • Changing courses at the start of the academic year:some courses offer students the option of changing subjects during the first few weeks after the start of the academic year
  • Changing courses at the end of the 1st term: you can register for another degree course or University Institute of Technology (IUT) course at the start of the 2nd term
  • Changing courses at the end of the academic year: you may apply for another course as per the usual timetable, or be offered a place directly on the 2nd year of another degree course, if you have completed your 1st year.

These processes are subject to specific conditions and procedures. For more information, contact your institution.

Some institutions organise events offering advice about changing courses during the academic year. You can contact your institution’s Joint academic service for information, guidance and professional integration (SCUIO-IP), or the CIO du Sup.

>> Make an appointment with a professional career guidance counsellor via the Welcome Desk.


Choose your master’s course after your bachelor's degree

trouvermonmaster.gouv.fr is the French website listing all the master's degrees offered by French higher education institutions. Its objective is to help you identify the master’s degrees that are best suited to your future study plans, thereby boosting your chances of being offered a place on the 1st year of a master's course.