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Building your project

Getting information and support to choose your course.

Online resources

There are several initiatives that help future students explore certain programmes so that they can confirm their course choice and plan their higher education, for example:

  • Campus France informs international students about higher education in France, and assists them in choosing their course and preparing their applications and their visa application; 
  • The ONISEP produces and disseminates a wealth of information on courses and professions. Its counsellors will answer your questions about course choice, study programmes and professions by phone, chat or email on the website Mon orientation en ligne (My online course choice);
  • The ParcourSup platform enables candidates to view the educational offer of the institutions before even applying there.

The websites of the institutions contain a lot of information for you as well: the study programmes, the teachers, the number of hours for each course unit etc


Academic guidance to build your study project

There are two main services you can contact if you want guidance to build your study project.

The Services Communs Universitaires d’Information, d’Orientation et d’Insertion Professionnelle (SCUIO-IP, The common université service for information, guidance and occupational integration).

These services welcome, inform and guide students in their course choice and professional integration. You can find it in the following institutions:

These Information and Guidance Centres welcome all audiences, inform and advise you individually on studies, qualifications and professions. The CIO du Sup intended for students and future students in addition to the SCUIO-IPs.


Get an appointment with a guidance counsellor at the Accueil-Welcome Desk

At the the Welcome Desk, you will find the 3rd Centre d'Information et d'Orientation du Supérieur de France (Centre for higher education guidance and information in France) created by the Board of Education of the Academy of Toulouse. Dedicated to higher education, a guidance counsellor can receive you by appointment for a personalised follow-up, to inform and advise you about all your questions related to course choice.


The Centre Régional Information Jeunesse Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées (CRIJ, Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées Regional Youth Information Centre)

The CRIJ welcomes young people regardless of their situation to help them clarify their project and assist them in their search for information.


Information fairs and open days

Information fairs such as Infosup are a great opportunity to learn about all the courses offered in the Academy of Toulouse, refine your choices and define your project clearly.

Also, you can meet stakeholders available during the open days of the selected institutions, during which you can gather valuable information about the courses and meet professors and students.


Find your course: the UFTMP has developed a complete map of educational programmes offered by its member institutions.

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