Make your student life easier
Make your student life easier
Make your student life easier

Initial request and renewing your residence permit

Access information about the procedure for making an initial request and renewing your residence permit.

Initial request for a residence permit

Initial requests for a residence permit only concern people who have the following visas:

  • “Minor in school” visa (“mineurs scolarisés”);  
  • “Competitive exam” visa (“visa concours”);
  • Visa marked “permit to be requested within two months”.

Renewing your residence permit

Renewing your permit means obtaining a new residence permit in France. This procedure is for people who want to stay in France for at least one more year, and who meet the conditions stipulated by the Prefecture of their place of residence. People with a visa or residence permit that is due to expire on 31 August of the current year at the latest need to get information about how to renew their permit as of April.

Procedures and documents for making an appointment

You need to arrange for an appointment to renew your residence permit 2 months before your residence permit expires.

For students in the Haute-Garonne department: Préfecture de Haute Garonne

Students who live in Toulouse will be given an appointment at l'Accueil-Welcome Desk, 41 allées Jules Guesde, to make their initial request or renew their residence permit.

On the day of the appointment, people with a residence permit marked “student” need to bring along their signed, complete student residence permit renewal application form, and all the supporting documents required (originals and photocopies). 

Application form for renewing your residence permit or requesting a residence permit for the first time

You need to come to your appointment with this completed form and all the supporting documents required (originals and photocopies).