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Art and culture

Consult the list of museums, theatres, concert halls and so on... Offering a broad range of cultural outings in Toulouse, Auch, Albi, Cahors, Castres, Figeac, Foix, Millau, Montauban, Rodez and Tarbes.

Also, The cultural services of the institutions offer many activities, workshops or shows to which you can participate for free or with discounts.

In the City

A short selection of places to discover:


Scène Nationale d'Albi Musée Toulouse Lautrec Centre d'art le LAIT

Pollux, organisateur de concerts de musiques actuelles

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CIRCA, Pôle national des arts du cirque Le Cri’art, scène de musiques actuelles Pour aller plus loin


Les Docks, scène de musiques actuelles

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Lo Bolegason, scène de musiques actuelles

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L'Astrolabe, centre culturel de la communauté de communes du Grand Figeac : spectacles, cinéma, événements culturels

Musée Champollion Médiathèque de Figeac




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La Culture à Millau


Le Rio, Scène de musiques actuelles

Le Musée Ingres

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La MJC de Rodez

Musées, salles de spectacle, conservatoire Le Club, salle de musiques actuelles

Le Krill, café culturel

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Le Parvis, scène nationale

La Gespe, scène de musiques actuelles

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Check out the Toulouse city website, cultural section, for a list of all cultural venues and an events calendar.

For events organised by the higher education institutions in the Toulouse education authority, consult the Welcome Desk agenda.
Also consult the website for some tips about what to see and do in Toulouse.

Cultural events and artistic activities at youth centres (MJCs)

Structures such as young persons’ cultural centres (called MJCs), and local cultural centres organise concerts, plays, performances and activities at affordable prices.
Consult the list of MJCs in Toulouse and its region

On the campus

Learn more about the cultural services of the institutions and their offer:

The cultural service of the Crous offer many cultural activities as well.


To stay informed:

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The actions implemented by the cultural services of schools, universities and the CROUS rely on various relays internal to campuses (teachers, librarians, departments, associations, etc.)